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Marray Prep Rewire

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Quantity: The number of hinges you have to be rewired
Only applies to : Marray Prep Hinges
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 Marray prep hinges have a 10 year warranty on the wire, which is the lifetime of the product. The design allows for the hinge to be rewired when they go bad. The cost of shipping and processing to rewire the hinge is not covered under warranty. The cost above is the processing fee and shipping will be added during checkout. 

We only rewire hinges to their original wire specification, meaning you have a 4 wire it stays a 4 wire and the same for any other hinge.

NOTE: Marray prep hinges have an angled wire pattern and are the only hinge on the market that can be rewired. If you are not sure if your hinge is a marray prep please contact customer service.