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We take these factory original Kawneer style pivots and machine them on our Haas machine at our CNC center. Using CNC allows for us to make sure all of our parts are exactly the same and within close tolerance. This 10 wire Power Transfer Pivot is aluminum base material with our proprietary Teflon jacketed wires.

This pivot can be used for electric latch retraction panic exit devices. The two heavy 18 awg wires will handle any electric latch retraction panic exit device on the market today. 


If you are unsure as to which hand you need and you have an existing Kawneer mechanical pivot on the door, you can remove the pivot and look at the back. There should be a stamped or cast LH or RH on the back. If you aren't replacing a pivot and need one for a new job and are unsure of the hand, please contat our tech support person by calling 800.500.1449.



We stock a limited quantity of Kawneer Pivots at our facility and these pivots are made to order. Small orders have a 3-5 day processing time and larger orders may take an additional 3-5 days for processing, depending on the quantity ordered. If you have any questions please contact customer service at 800-500-1449

TEF10C Kawneer Style Pivot

10 Wire Kawneer Storefront Pivot 

TEF10C Kawneer Style Top Pivot

10 Wire Kawneer Storefront Pivot 




1 pair 16 amp in-rush, 5 amp continuous @ 24 Volts

4 pair .10 amp @ 24 Volts