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> Door Monitoring Switches


With the new requirements for annual inspections of listed fire door assemblies, you will want to make sure that if you are installing an alarm contact into a door and frame, that the product you install is UL Listed for field installation into listed doors and frames. 



Custom Rex for Mortise Locks

Custom Switch Installation for REX/AE

On Most Mortise Lock Brands

Price Varies
Hidden Door Position Switch

UL 10C Fire Listed Door Alarm Contact

Price Varies
Lever Switch - SPDT

Universal Durable SPDT lever switch



Qty in Stock: 759
Price Varies

No Disassembly Needed

Patented RediRex for Schlage Mortise Lock

Price Varies
Cal-Royal / Marray electric lock REX ki
REX Switch for Marray Clutch Lock

REX  for Cal Royal and Marray Locks 

Qty in Stock: 30
Price Varies
Schlage ND80-RX switch

REX kit for Marray ND80 Electrified Locks

Qty in Stock: 891
Price Varies
Universal Switch Kit

Add a Switch to your Electric Exit Device 

Price Varies

Marray's patented HDPS (hidden door position switch) is revolutionary in design and simplicity itself to install. We have supplied these hidden switches to numorous government agencies where low key monitoring with vandal resistance is required. 

Available in several finishes and is very hard to distinguish from a real screw head. Simple to install and best of all, UL Listed 10C for fire rated frames and doors. 

Why would you want to order a lock from the manufacturer or from a wholesale house and pay extra for the REX (request to exit) switch? You can order one of our custom switches for Schlage mortise locks and install it yourself. Very easy to use, easy to install and rated for over a million cycles.

Save loads of money by stocking these quality switches and adding them to your Adams Rite style panic exit devices (USK 1-1 and USK 1-2) and Schlage Mortise locks (REX-OS) or the new RediRex (No cover removal).