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Marray, to our knowledge,  is the only manufacturer to have a UL 10C fire listed electric transfer intermediate offset pivot. We are able to do this with our unique PVD coating process. All Intermediate 3/4 offset Pivots are Stainless Steel base (for fire) and are custom manufacturered for our company. You will not be able to tell the difference in the finish, since all finishes are BHMA compliant. Available with high amp load wires (16 amp inrush) for use with Electric Latch Retraction Devices.

Electric Intermediate Pivots

Marray Electrified UL10C Fire Listed Intermediate Pivot

Kanweer Style Electric Pivot

Kawneer Style Electric Storefront Pivots

This unit compares to the EM19 and the Ives 7215PTINT and other popular pivots. The only exception is that we give you beefy wires and we have the only 3/4 offset electrified pivot, that we know of, that is listed for fire doors and frames. There are other companies who have electric transfer pivots, but make sure they are not simly listed under UL 634, Standard for Connectors and Switches. The 634 Standard may not meet code requirements for fire rated openings.


TEFPVT-2+4C, 1 pair, 20 awg, 15 amp, 15 seconds, 5 amp continuous, 2 pair 28 awg, .10a (100 mA)

TEFPVT-10C, 5 pair, 28 awg, 1 pair, 1 amp, 4 pair, .10a (100 mA)


If you need a custom pivot with more conductors, please call us at 800.500.1449, PST, or use our Contact Us form for any special quotes or requirements. Special orders can take 12-14 weeks. This includes special finishes not listed on our store, or special wire request. If you need something special, we can help!