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Marray's patented screwless door loops are anodized to the proper finish needed for all of your storefront and solid wood door projects. These door loops (sometimes referred to as armored door cords) are very easy to install and do not require any screws to attach them to the door and frame. A 1/2 diameter hole is drilled at both the door and frame and the Marray Door Loop is snapped securely into place. The modern circular design means that your door loops will always look nice and you will not have the problem of alignment that is normal with rectangular or boxy square door loops. Additionally, the door cord base will rotate, so that stress is reduced at the junction of the cord and the wire housing. The cord is made to fit up to 12 conductors with bean connectors for easy wire transfer from the frame to the door. Additionally, the covers snap on securely, to make this a truly innovative and easy to install product. 


Unlike some of our competitors (Keedex or Alarm Lock) , our door loops do not require screws. If you are up on a ladder and drop a cover screw, and you are a person who is pressed for time, you will quickly realize the benefits of a screwless door loop, with screwless snap on covers. 


Marray Door Loop

Screwless Power Door Loop! 

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