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About Marray, Inc.


Marray, Inc., has been a name brand door hardware modifier since 1995. Our patented products (click here if you are interested)  have allowed for users of access control locking hardware to realize significant savings, while at the same time, spending less time on a jobsite to accomplish their installations. 


Since all businesses are concerned with lower costs, faster implementation of projects and reliability of any purchased products, Marray has made it a core business strategy to only release products into the marketplace that are rigorously beta tested in actual field installlations. 


How we develop and test our products:


Marray, working with a core group of  engineers and loyal customers, designs new products that have to meet certain criteria. The criteria we look for in our developmental phase are:


  • Lower cost per product
  • Long term reliability
  • Low defect rate threshold
  • Adressing an industry need
  • Meeting critical codes and applicable building standards.



Since 1995, Marray, Inc., has been a premier manufacturer and supplier of access control locking hardware. We have multiple patents in the electronic security lock hardware business. Browse around and look at our innovative and reasonably priced offerings. We can save you money, time and aggravation. If you are a person in the trade (access control company, locksmith, university lock shop, integrator etc., small access hardware supply distributor.) you will are weleome to fill out an application for credit and have an open account. Please click here to get this process going. 


We are also the designers and trade name holder of the Perfect Raceway Program. This program allows for Qualifired Personnel who complete the Intertek class program, to drill fire rated doors in the field for the installation of access control locking harware. Visit this page for more information on the Perfect Raceway Program


We are a direct sale manufacturer. We do not believe in being brokers for the large wholesale distribution companies who take large profits and do not provide any needed service to the users of our access control hardware. You will find the best prices on electrified hinges, access control products and everything we offer. If you do find a price from a qualified competitor (either wholesale or a direct sale manufacturer) we will match or beat that price. 


At Marray, we are here to provide solutions....not problems. 



Our Promise:


Marray promises that we will never release a product or service that does not meet the needs and requirements of our customer and which does not meet our testing and reliability standards.