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> Electric Swing Clear Hinge


These speciality electrified swing clear Marray hinges are absolutely the best you can get in the marketplace. We don't machine standard hinges to be electrified, but rather make our electric hinges from scatch.


TEF10C Swing Clear

Fire Listed UL10C ten wire Electric Hinge

TEF2+4C Swing Clear

Marray TEF2+4 Swing Clear Electrified Hinge


How does this compare to what you get from other sources?

Well...take a look at the edges of the other hinges. You will notice that our competitors machine out a groove in the edge of the hinge leaf and drill a hole down one side of the 90 degree leaf and drill another hole down the other edge of the leaf. They fish their wire down one straight hole and push it down the other hole. They then fill the hole with epoxy, so you get an instant blemish on a brand new hinge. These hinges are bent at a 90 degree angle, so one might think this is the only way to make them electrified. 

We are also burn tested and UL10C, since we do not break the hinge surface and we do not put flamable material, such as epoxy, into the holes.  

How does Marray overcome this engineering problem?

We drill our hinges while the leaves are flat and place a steel cable into the hole, then we bend our hinges. We then pull out the cable with our wires attached to it and essentially fish our wires around a corner! Your customer or any casual observer will not even be able to tell that our hinge has wires in it. 

Hinges come as TEF2+4 or TEF10C. Most of these are only available in 4.5 inches high or 5.0 inches high. If you are unsure as to what you need, don't hesitate to contact Marray 

If you are putting these into sterile environments, such as hospitals, you would want to make sure that you order them in stainless steel. This is a requirement for bacterial reasons, since steel based hinges can rust and be contaminated with microbes. 

Chose the amount of wires you need below, then, you will have the options of chosing size, weight and base material on the next page. 

Here's what you need to know about hospital/swing clear electrified hinges when you place your order.

They only come in 4.5 inches and 5.0 inches high. We can special order a different size if you need. In fact, we can pretty much make any type of hinge you require. Choose the base material (remember, stainless steel is for hospitals and bio lab applications) and the height you need.

Hinges are called out by the height size first (measure from the top of the leaf and ignore the pin head), then, they are called out for the width. These electric hinges only come in 4.5 inch and 5.0 inch widths too. The measurement of the width can be a little tricky, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask Marray or call us at 800.500.1449

A typical hinge might be a 4.5 high SC (for swing clear) and the amount of wires you need.


TEF2+4SC: 1 pair, 20 awg, 15 amps, 15 sec., 5 amp continuous, 2 pair, 28 awg, .10 amp (100mA) continuous 12/24V

TEF10CSC: 5 pair, 28 awg, 1 pair, 1 amp continuous, 4 pair.10 amp (100mA) continuous 12/24V