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2+4 Electric Brushed Stainless Steel Swing Clear

High Amp stainless steel swing clear electric hinge
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Here's what you need to know about hospital/swing clear electrified hinges when you place your order.


They only come in 4.5 inches and 5.0 inches high. We can special order a different size if you need it. In fact, we can pretty much make any type of hinge you need. Choose the base material (remember, stainless steel is for hospitals and bio lab applications) and the height you need.



Hinges are called out by the height size first (measure from the top of the leaf and ignore the pin head), then, they are called out for the width. These electric hinges only come in 4.5 inch and 5.0 inch widths too. The measurement of the width can be a little tricky, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask Marray



A typical hinge might be a 4.5 x 4.5 SC (for swing clear) and the amount of wires you need.






1 pair 20 awg @ 16 amp, 5 seconds. 2 pair 30 awg @ .10 amp. Up to 48VAC/DC






This hinge is perfect for electric latch retraction panic exit devices that require high 16 amp inrush. 



Cycle Testing:



Exceeds UL 100,000 cycle testing






Most hospitals require stainless steel based hinges for anti bacterial and microbiotic reasons. Hospitals also require UL10C fire listed power transfer hinges. This hinge meets or exceeds OSHPOD and other agency requirements.