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> Electrification Kits

There are a number of ways you can get an electric lock. You can buy a factory original (expensive) or you can purchase one from a wholesale house that has been sent to a modifier (still expensive). You would also have to order more stock to make sure you have all of the different handle styles and finish configurations you would need to service your customer, or if you are buying direct, your own needs. You would have to order a 12 volt, a 24 volt, a fail safe, a fail secure and different trim.

Our kits come direct to you, some with video tutorials and some with paper instructions. Just insert our parts into your lock and you are electrified at a hugh cost savings.


Schlage Electric ND80 Kit

Dual Voltage ND80EU/EL Kit With Optional REX

Qty in Stock: 23
Price Varies
Schlage Electric ND96 Kit

Dual Voltage ND96EU/EL Kit With Optional REX

Qty in Stock: 16
Price Varies
Schlage L9080 Electrification Kit

Schlage Electrified Mortise Lock Kit for L9050-70-80

Qty in Stock: 8
Price Varies
Von Duprin 992 Electrification kit

Low Cost Kit for Von Duprin EL992 Trim.

NOTE: Does not work with VD 996 trim. 

Price Varies


Do you have existing Schlage ND 80 leversets, Schlage L9050 entry locks or Von Duprin 992 trim, (must specify EU or EL and voltage on the VD kit) that needs to be set up for Electronic Access Control? Here's the answser to your problem!


Our radically revolutionary kit designs can bring you peace of mind. Our ND80 kit is 12/24 VC dual coil and is factory set at EU (Electrically Locked) but can be re-configured in the field, without any tools, to be Fail Safe (EL). You simply undo the hub screws, replace the spindle key with our own key, screw it back together and wire up your voltage as needed. You can use an existing customer ND80 lock and be done quickly and for low cost. A REX switch (optional) can be installed either by you (keep them in stock just in case) or included with your order for a very nominal price. 


Beta tested by some of our most trusted customers for over a decade.


  • Cut your costs!
  • Lower your inventory!
  • Service your accounts faster!