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Schlage Electric ND80 Kit

SKU: ND80 Kit
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This kit will allow for you to electrify any Schlage ND80 series lever lock. Your lock handle will not be rigid as an ND80 normally is. This kit will effectively change your ND80 Rigid Lever into a VandalGuard, free moving lever, until the device is unlocked, at which time the lever will catch the hub and allow for the latch to be retracted. At this time, there is no way to modify an ND80 as a rigid handle, due to complications in regards to the outside hub (a part not included in the kit) 

The solenoid is dual voltage 12/24V AC/DC and is configurable from the factory set EU (Electrically Unlocked) to EL (Electrically Locked) in the field. Very simple to install and is available with an optional REX switch that can be inserted with a small screw driver. Optional REX switch is SPDT (NO, NC and COM). We are sure you will realize just how much time and money this electrified lockset kit will save you.  

VandalGuard is a registered trademark of the Schlage Lock Company and our use of this term is not meant to indicate any approval by Schlage Lock Company. 

Here's a short video to show how this kit can be installed in about 1 minute.