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UL10C Listed ten wire power transfer hinge


Special Order

1 pair 20 awg and 5 pair 28 awg


 Marray Electrified Hinge TEF2+4

Low Voltage Rating: 

TEF2+4C, 16 amp surge, 15 sec., 5 amp continuous., (20 awg pair) , 2 pair, 28 awg, .10 amp (100 mA) 12 or 24 Volt AC/DC (up to 48V AC/DC)

TEF10C, all wires 28 awg,  1 amp-one pair, .10 amp (100 mA) remaining pairs, 12 or 24 Volt AC/DC (up to 48V AC/DC)

TEF2+10C, 16 amp surge, 15 sec., 5 amp continuous, (20 awg pair) , 5 pair .10 amp (100 mA) 28 awg wire12 or 24 Volt AC/DC (up to 48V AC/DC)

Not only is this PTH (Power Transfer Hinge) stronger and able to withstand more inrush than any other electric hinge on the market, but it is also independently tested to over 800,000 cycles on average before a wire breaks or goes to ground. That is 8 times the UL requirement of 100,000 cycles typical for most products on the market.


This hinge is also burn tested and UL10C listed for use on fire rated doors and frames. Marray was the first with fire listed transfer hinges.

After a standard hinge is modified, it no longer meets ANSI 156.1, or NFPA 80 and must be re-tested to ensure it will not default in a fire situation. Be sure when you order hinges for your listed doors that you install hardware that is fire listed. This will benefit you by ensuring that you do not de-list or de-certify a fire listed door by not providing the proper fire listed hardware.

Most jurisdictions will begin annual fire door inspections under the 2007 edition of NFPA 80. If your hinge is not listed for fire, you may have to replace the door. Marray maintains a very large inventory of these hinges for same day shipment.

Some hinges have special features that are not common and may not be in stock. If you need a special type of hinge (special tips, prison tips, special finish not listed, etc.) we can work with you to fulfill your requirements via special order. Be advised, special orders can take from 12-14 weeks for processing and are non-refundable. Hinges not currently in stock, may be substituted with a like-kind style, size and weight, but Marray will notify you prior to any such substitution for approval. An example of this would be if we were out of stock in a 652, brushed chrome over steel, we may substitute a 630, stainless steel hinge of the same size and weight. Stainless finish is very close to brushed chrome and even though they are more expensive, we will substitute at the lower 652 price. 

If you do have a special order request, contact us at 800.500.1449, or use the Contact Us form to let us know how we may be of service. 


All sales are subject to stock on hand