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"The International Fire Door Inspector Association is dedicated to the  exchange of information between the public, building owners, fire door inspectors and authorities having jurisdiction."


As the only association with an IAS accredited curriculum, the IFDIA brings quality educational standards to the business of fire door inspections. Our membership is comprised of vetted fire door inspectors (IFDIA and DHI), confirmed AHJ/code officials and property owner/managers. We provide a completely green online reporting and communication environment for the annual fire door assembly requirement as outlined in NFPA 80. For more detailed information, please visit our knowledge base. 


Marray, Inc., has a close relationship with the IFDIA. Our Perfect Raceway Program, managed by Intertek, is the only program where Qualified Personnel can drill a raceway in a fire listed door and frame assembly, in the field,  and have it pass inspection, assuming that all of our manufacturer's instructions for use and procedures are followed. 


The International Fire Door Inspector Association was formed to help facilitate the free exchange of information between Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (LAHJ), Building Owners who need their fire doors inspected by qualified, vetted inspectors and Fire Door Inspector members of the IFDIA.



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You can use our "contact us" page, to inquire about this fantastic program. A program that could add significantly to your company's offered services to your customer base. Ray Zehrung, the founder and president of Marray, is also a co-founder of the IFDIA and can assist you in any inquiry you may have regarding this exciting opportunity.