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Baldwin Electrified Mortise Lock Modification

NOTE: Please read the notes below
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Marray takes Baldwin Mortise lock bodies, that is we take your lock bodies, and we modify them to be electrically controlled for access control  systems. If you already have an existing Baldwin lock, the best solution is to have yours modified electrically and simply re-install the chassis. Our modified Baldwin Lock Bodies are electrified with our patented dual voltage (12/24V) solenoid and you can choose between Electrically Locked (EL)  or Electrically Unlocked (EU). This category is not for the purchase of an Electric Baldwin Mortise Body. It is only for the modification of YOUR lock body. If you need a complete lock body, you can go to this page. 

Once your order is processed and paid for, write your order # on the outside of the box and ship your lock body to:

Marray, Inc.

Attn: Custom Modifications

52 Laxalt Drive

Carson City, NV 89706


Note: Your lock must be entry function and have a backset between 1.5" and 2 3/4", the backsets smaller then 2 3/4" have an additional charge because they  require more time and machining, making them more dificult to electrify. Most Baldwin mortise locks need to have their armor front or face plate modified. Please include this item with the lock when sending it in for modification. Failure to do so will require you to mofidy the face plate to fit accordingly. 


Note: 1.5" backset lock bodies will have the solenoid mounted on the exterior of the lock body, at the bottom of the chassis. 


For any questions contact Marray  You can either call us or send us a message and indicate you have a question on Baldwin modification or lock product.


*Note: Baldwin is a registered trade mark name of the Baldwin Lock Company. Baldwin does not endorse our products or our modifications and Marray is not affiliated with The Baldwin Lock Company.