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These Schlage locks are factory original hardware from Schlage, but modified by Marray and UL listed by Marray. Each lock has our comprehensive warranty.


We do stock Schlage trim and complete locks since the demand for this product is much greater than for the other electric mortise locks we offer.


By clicking on the photos below, you can choose body only, or complete lock with trim. You will also find parts that may be useful, such as the solid spindle to change your electric lock from locking on one side only, to locking on two sides.


If you don't see what you want, please contact Marray and we would be happy to source your item for you. We have the best online price for electrified locking hardware and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Schlage Electrified Mortise Lock

 Schlage L9080EU or EL, 12 or 24VDC Mortise Lock

Price Varies
Schlage L8082 Spindle Part

Institutional Schlage Mortise Lock (Both Sides Controlled)

This item is out of stock
Price Varies
Schlage L9080 Body

L9080EU/EL Lock body only 

Price Varies
Schlage L9080 Electrification Kit

Schlage Electrified Mortise Lock Kit for L9050-70-80

Qty in Stock: 8
Price Varies
Schlage Mortise Armored Front

Fits Schlage L9050/60/70/80 Mortise Locks 

Price Varies
Schlage Mortise Key Cylinder

Key Cylinder for Schlage Mortise Locks