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Schlage L8082 Spindle Part

L9082 Institutional Spindle
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If you have need of an institutional mortise lock (this means you need the door to be electricallly locked or unlocked from both sides) and you have looked around at pricing, you will no doubt have noticed that there is a huge upsale price to have a supposed L9082EU or EL lock body that fits your requirements. However, we at Marray (after looking at what our competitors were doing) decided that we really did not need to do anything to our standard Marray modified Schlage L9050/60/70 (which we make into an L9080 storeroom) to make it work as an Institutional mortise lock.

We discovered how to do this with a simple solid spindle part. This means there aren't any added parts to break off, no funky modifications to learn about and no issues with lock warranty from Schlage. After all, the parts are all factory original (for the solid spindle). This means your lock is double warranteed.

Don't pay outrageous prices for a supposed difficult lock to make, when you can just get one of our standard Schlage lock bodies and add this simple spindle to lock both sides of the door.


*These locks are products purchased through distribution and modified by Marray and are not to be confused with factory original products as provided by Ingersoll Rand or the Schlage Lock company (although this spindle is a Schlage product).