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Perfect Raceway Program Tool V2

Perfect Raceway Tool, Version 2
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New and Improved Perfect Raceway Tool / Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture

Now accepting PreOrders. We expect to ship all orders by 15 February, 2021. Use Coupon Code PRP2.0 & get $150.00 off until 31 Jan, 2021. This will give you a savings of $150.00 off the total of the list price of $749.00 ($599.00). You must enter your own order and apply the coupon code to receive this never-to-be-repeated, one-time, product launch savings off of the list price. 


The long wait for Marray's new Perfect Raceway Tool to be ready, is finally over. What started out as a 3-5 month, concept to production project, turned into a 3 year odyssey. We want to thank all of our loyal customers who believed in us, knowing that we deplore releasing something that does not work perfectly, not just the first time, but every time. 

Here are some of the improvements:

  • Lighter weight. Only 1.5 lbs. (Old tool was 5.5 lbs)
  • Smaller profile. 1/3rd the size of the old Dor-Cor, which means saved space and a smaller case
  • New tool works with existing, old style tool drill bits. No need to purchase new bits, unless you need a spare.
  • Tool comes with one each of our custom engineered 58 inch bits. The same bits we have been supplying for years. 
  • More durable case to protect the tool, with metal latches, instead of plastic latches that can break off
  • Will not bend out of shape, unlike the older tool.
  • No disassembly needed to replace the bushings, simply pop out and pop in new ones
  • Comes with a second set of bushings for 1/4 inch ID, for a future 1/4 inch pilot bit
  • New Tool has a total of 9 Parts, excluding the case. Old tool has 46 parts, including rivets, bushings, spacers and more to lose or break
  • Tool is made from a specially formulated polymer compound, making damage very difficult. Old tool was from aluminum and could be bent out of shape
  • No need for lots of washers, there's only one on this tool
  • Tested on a door in a Zoom call with Intertek engineers and passed by drilling a perfectly straight hole on the first attempt in three minutes. Passed. Perfect Raceway Program Approved
  • Unique, Patent Pending locking slides that attach the tool to the door in under 3 seconds, with up to 80 lbs of holding force
  • Can be placed in any position on the back of the door, unlike the old style, which aligned on the hinge mortise pocket
  • Tightening the slide locks does not alter the straightness of the tool on the door. 
  • Replacement parts can be ordered separately for a reasonable price. No tools needed to disassemble or needed to repair, replace
  • Future optional laser sight with target will be available in 2021


To sum it all up: This tool is less expensive, more durable, lighter weight, more accurate and easier to repair, replace parts

Order includes one tool that has passed QA, one durable case and one custom 58 inch long drill bit

Ships in two packages, one for the tool and one for the drill bit



Value Package


Buy Perfect Raceway Program Tool V2 and get Dor-Cor Drill Bit at an additional 10% off our everyday low price.

Total Price: $911.00
Price for the Bundle: $836.10

This Item: Perfect Raceway Program Tool V2
Dor-Cor Drill Bit