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NOTE: We are currently out of stock of our Perfect Raceway Tool, or also known as the Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture. We have been designing a newer, improved version that is easier to use, easier to store away, in a smaller profile and more durable. Please bear with us as we finish the final development phase. Launch date is expected to be by years end, we apologize for this delay. Thank you for your understanding.  Please use our contact form if you wish to be notified when available.


In 1997, we at Marray developed the first commercially available door drilling tool (door core drill fixture) to drill fire rated doors in the field. After having Warnock Hersey/Interek test our design, we were granted permission to have our customers go to Warnock Hersey to have their field modified doors re-certified by a listing agency inspector with the use of this tool. We have now designed the Perfect Racway Program and gone to Intertek with our program design so that any installer wishing to become certified to drill fire rated doors in the field, can now do so under our program and Intertek listing agency control.



If you wish to be a Certified Raceway Installer, go to our Perfect Raceway site for more info. Unit is simple to use and only weighs 5lbs. Comes with a blow molded custom case and custom 58 inch drill bit. Each tool is shipped with a Perfect Raceway Tool ID label so that the tool can be pre-ordered for participation in the Perfect Raceway Program. 


If you show proof of having signed up and paid for the Perfect Raceway class, call us and we will give you a special coupon code to save 20% on the purchase of your tool. That is over $140.00 in total savings! Add the extra drill bit mentioned below and save even more. 


PS...Since we recommend you purchase an extra drill bit, (one for wood and one for mineral and steel doors) we have set things up to give you quantity discounts on drill bits. 



Dor-Cor Drill Bit

Dor-Cor Replacement Drill Bit

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Dor-Cor Factory Recalibration

 Use your older drilling tool in the Perfect Raceway Program 

Dor-Cor Rebuild Kit

Parts Package for Dor-Cor Drilling Fixture 

Qty in Stock: 97
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Factory Refurbished Program Tool

Factory Refurbished Perfect Raceway Program Tools 

Qty in Stock: 1
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