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Dor-Cor Factory Recalibration

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If you have a Dor-Cor Drill Fixture you can have it re-calibrated to work in the Perfect Raceway Program. This offer is not just for people who want to use their fixture in the program, its also for those who have older fixtures that may be out of adjustment or worn down. 


Tool re-calibration is required for all persons wanting to use an older fixture in the Perfect Raceway Program. According to the rules and regulations of the Perfect Raceway Program it is required that your fixture be re-calibrated annually. After the innitial calibration in the factory you can purchase a rebuild kit to do it yourself or continue sending it in to Marray Inc., for annual service.


The process is quite simple:

Place your order for the factory recalibration or call customer service for an RGA#,  then box up your drilling fixture, write your purchase order number, RGA#, on the outside of the package and ship it in to Marray. Ship only your tool back to us, there is no process for refurbishing or replacing the drill bits. Once we have received your tool (you pay for shipping both ways) it will be evaluated. If there are any problems with the condition of your tool you will be notified immediately. If we don't find any problems with your tool it will be rebuilt and re-calibrated for use in program and labeled with a serial number for tracking purposes within the program.