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Dor-Cor Rebuild Kit, V1.0

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If you have a Perfect Raceway Program tool (you will see a white Marray label with a Tool ID on it), or if you have a standard tool that you purchased from us years ago, you can use this replacement parts package to update and fine tune your door drilling tool. Perfect Raceway participants are required to replace the bushings at least annually in order to comply with the Certified Personnel Program.


Current Perfect Raceway Tools. 


If you are a cusomers purchasing this kit for the annual calibration of your tool, please note:


We require you to place your current tool ID into the shipping instructions box upon checkout to maintain proper records. This is an Intertek program requirement.


The new tool kit bushings (any bushing over two years old should be replaced with the new ones, if you want to drill mineral core doors) are made from Prolon. Our previous bushings were made of Delrin which was much less forgiving when mineral core doors needed to be drilled. The new bushings will allow for fast, worry free drilling of wood, particle wood and mineral core doors. .

Kit includes new bushings (authorized for the Perfect Raceway audit requirements), pop rivets, new attachment feet pads, brass and poly bushings and everything you need to bring your tool back to almost new.


If you have questions about how to make this all work, you can view our video tutorial by either requesting the video be sent to you, or having a link provided via email. 


If you are in the Certified Personell Perfect Raceway Program,  you will also get a Tool ID label with an expiration date of one year from the date of purchase (1) year. 


If you still have any questions after viewing the turtorial, contact Marray and we would be most happy to help.