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At Marray, we do not modify any pivots from Rixson, Dorma or other companies. We found that manufacturering our own intermediate offset pivot to our own specification gave the best results. Most intermediate offset pivots are made from a brass or bronze base material. These materials are not suited for fire doors with ratings in excess of 20 minutes.

Additionally, once a listed product, such as a pivot or hinge has been modified from basic construction requirements (refernece ANSI 156.1 and NFPA 80), the product must be re-tested and listed as a new product category.

Marray is the only manufacturer of 3/4 offset electrified intermediate pivots whose products are listed for three hour (3 hour) fire rated openings.

TEF10C Electric Offset Pivot

10 Wire Electric Intermediate UL10C fire listed Pivot


Price Varies
TEF2+4C Marray Electric Pivot

Marray TEF2+4C 3/4 inch Electric Intermediate Pivot

Price Varies


TEF2+4C. 1 pair 20 awg @ 15 amps, 15 seconds, 50% duty cycle, 5 amp continuous. 2 pair 28 awg .10 amp (100mA). Voltage is up to 48VAC/DC

TEF10C. 1 pair 28 awg @ 1 amp continuous. 4 pair 28 awg .10 amp (100mA) continuous. Voltage is up to 48VAC/DC

Cycle testing: Meets UL Standard 634, 100,000 cycle testing and  UL10C- 3 hour fire